8th Grade Class

Important Dates & Announcements [2024 - 2025 School Year]

Payments for 8th Grade Activities

**We [Global Leaders] DO NOT accept personal checks. We accept payment via CashApp [$SGL378], Cash, or USPS Money Orders ONLY!!** 

You may, however, write out a check or money order directly to the vendor or company that we are using for any particular event or services, if allowed.  Please ask Ms. Cruz prior to writing out your check or money order to a specific vendor. You may email Ms. Cruz at ECruz54@schools.nyc.gov

If we require that you write out a money order to the school, we only accept USPS money orders and it should be made out to: School for Global Leaders.  Put your child's name on it along with what the payment is for [i.e. cap & gown, senior trip, prom, etc.].  Again, please ask Ms. Cruz prior to writing out a USPS money order to the school.  GLOBAL LEADERS DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS.

If you use CashApp [$SGL378] to send payments, in order for the payment to be applied correctly, you MUST type your child's name in the memo line and state what the payment is for. 



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Working Papers

As you get older you are entrusted with more responsibilities.  If you are accomplishing your academic goals you may want to challenge yourself to work in NYC.  Working will give you real world experience, the ability to work with others, insight into different lines of work, an opportunity to learn new skills, and an appreciation for the value of a dollar.
In order to work in NYC you will need to obtain "Working Papers".  Listed below is what is needed to obtain those working papers.
These documents must be handed to Mr. Mike Goodwin (SGL's School Counselor) in person.  He will then hand you a "blue card" (i.e. your working papers), which is needed for your prospective job.  Interested students will obtain all necessary documents and then email him (mgoodwin@schools.nyc.gov) to arrange the turnover of documents and the pick up of your blue card.
Documents needed:
  • See the NYSED Website and complete the APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT CERTIFICATE [AT - 17] with Section 1 completed and signed
    by a parent
  • A COPY of your birth certificate as proof of your age
  • An original version of a:
    • New York State doctor's note [stating the student is "fit for employment"]
    • Certificate of physical fitness completed by a NY State physician
  • Schooling record:
    • Registered NYC public school students need their school ID