Senior Class

HS Admissions Process

A little overwhelmed by the HS Admissions process?  Don't know where to start?  Take a look at the slide presentation below:

 first page of slide presentation 

Important Dates & Announcements

Payments for Senior Activities

**We [Global Leaders] DO NOT accept personal checks. We accept CASH or USPS MONEY ORDERS ONLY!!** 

You may, however, write out a check or money order to the vendor or company that we are using for any particular event or services.  Please ask Ms. Rhoads prior to writing out your check or money order to a specific vendor. You may email Ms. Rhoads.  

If we require that you write out a money order to the school, we only accept USPS money orders and they should be made out to: School for Global Leaders.  Put your child's name on it along with what the payment is for [i.e. cap & gown, senior trip, prom, etc.].  Again, please ask Ms. Rhoads prior to writing out a USPS money order to the school.  GLOBAL LEADERS DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS.



  • TBD for 2020 - 2021 School Year