School Uniforms

School Uniforms

Global Leaders School Uniforms


  Polo Shirt    T-shirt     Hoodie     Shorts


Global Leaders is a uniform school.  Students are to wear uniforms each day, unless provided with a 'Dress Down' day pass.  'Dress Down' day passes are given out randomly to students as an incentive. Our uniform consists of a black polo top with the school's logo and khaki bottoms.  Our gym uniform consists of a black tee with the school's logo on the back and black sweatpants.  Polos, tees, shorts, and sweatshirts can be purchased at the school.  We accept cash or money orders only.  We DO NOT ACCEPT checks.  If you are paying with cash, please come with exact change.  Money Orders can be made out to 'School for Global Leaders'.

Polos  [Sizes YL - XXL] = $15  |   Polos [Sizes XXXL and higher] = $17

Gym Tees [Sizes YL - XXL] = $10   |   Gym Tees [Sizes XXXL and higher] = $12

Gym Shorts [Optional Purchase] = $15

Black Sweatshirt with Panther Logo [Optional Purchase] = $20**

Khaki Pants / Shorts / Skirts are to be purchased on your own.  We do not sell khaki pants, shorts, or skirts.

 ** Note:  We have started transitioning away from hoodies and will be accepting the SGL Panther Sweatshirt as part of the school uniform.