Benefits of DL Program

 DL Teachers and Parents  

Benefits of the Dual Language Program


In contrast to schools which only provide instruction in English, Dual Language program students are exposed to a bi-lingual curriculum.

​In a Dual Language class, students are taught in two languages. In the case of SGL 378, students are taught Mandarin Chinese and English. Furthermore, in a Dual Language class, students are taught the foreign language in lessons, and the lessons' instruction gets increasingly harder over time to help compensate with the student's growing language levels and fluency.

Speaking multiple languages is an asset for students, families, schools and our entire City. It prepares children to be global learners, to enter other educational environments and to join the workforce with remarkable skills.
Stanford University researchers have found that Dual Language middle school students actually perform better in English language arts and continue to excel academically through high school.
Students who participate in these programs gain exceptional academic ability, well-developed language and literacy skills in two languages, and cross-cultural competence.
The DOE is committed to Dual Language learning, and former DOE chancellor Carmen Fariña stated that: “Dual Language programs will give students new pathways to college or a meaningful career.”